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Yoga isn't just about contorting and posing. One of the most important parts of yoga is connecting breath to movement and that is, of course, what singing is all about--connecting breath to the movement of the vocal chords.

With many of the professional singers and voice teachers I've encountered, I'm often surprised the lack of attention they give to breathing, the ways you can breathe, and how it can affect your body. Certain yoga breathing and stretching techniques can be especially beneficial for singers.

This class will help all levels of singers use yoga to extend their breathing as well as relax their jaw, neck, shoulders, and parts of their bodies that can tense up before a performance or any time.

  • No prior yoga experience is necessary nor particular agility.

  • Some of the class is done standing or in a chair.

  • No special clothing is needed. Gym clothing is preferable.

  • All material for the class will be provided but you may want to bring a water bottle.



There are currently no
public classes scheduled.


If you would like to schedule a private class, 

or arrange one for your organization in the Chicago area,

send an email to

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