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Read in the context of the 21st century, this 1909 image (one of 12 produced as a set by Dunston-Weiller Lithograph Company of New York) might suggest support of the suffrage movement, but, to the eyes of a viewer of the day, it was decidedly anti-suffrage. Here are the clues:

1. red – a very lascivious color,

2. dress – a fashionable fitted form far from the style favored by

    a pure and doting wife,

3. exposed ankles and petticoat,

4. posture – gives a glimpse of her derriere,

5. caption – she’s clearly prioritizing the ballot over the sacred

   institution of marriage.

In sum, a woman seeking suffrage is nothing more than a scandalous, sexually available hussy exchanging her virtue for the vote.

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