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Electronic Press Kit

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Press release
World without You
(one sheet)


Radio Amica with DJ Sal Palmeri
New York New York Show
91.5-90.8FM (Partinico, IT)
Variétés Musicales with DJ Pierre
Midnight to 3am GMT
RS2 (Paris, FR)
FAME radio - Wolfman & Georg Hegelmann 
chat with Karen and Castaldo about their new
              single during their show "The Pack." 
SIRIUS XM  - "Sounds from the Spires" Interview with Dr. Jennifer Pascual,
             Director of Music at St. Patrick's
             Cathedral in New York City.
Style Quarterly Radio
Hosted by Don Martin
WATR with DJ Joe Costa
1320am (Waterbury, CT)
WRUW - DJ Carl Hunt talks with Karen and Castaldo on his Route 66 show
91.1 FM (Cleveland, OH)
Sensitive and stylish, Karen Willough’s “World Without You” duet with Michael Jones is a brilliant beautiful song. Romantic to its very core...
Read the complete article.
2BACR with DJ John Holden
Chill Zone - Sunday evenings
100.9FM (Yagoona, NSW, Australia)
GAIA FM with DJ Ross Levis​
107.0FM (Tauranga, New Zealand)
RadioWey with DJ Mandy Morrow
Brunchtime Breakfast  -  Friday 9am - 12pm
The Soul Plane  - Friday 7pm - 8pm GMT
 (Chertsey, Surrey, UK )
2NVR with DJ Robbie Hancock
Tuesdays 2-4pm
105.9FM (Tewinga, NSW, Australia)
bcb with DJ David Clapham
I Went To The Crossroads
daily 10-11pm GMT
106.6FM (Bradford, UK)
Sound Machine Radio with DJ Bear
Sunday 5-7pm ET
Moyock, NC
KIXE-DB with Gene Adamson
(Omaha, NE)
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